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Everyday Discernment Podcast S2E16- Ken Ham

Ken Ham discusses the importance of a foundational worldview based on Biblical authority

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Corey Russell defines revival and how to be ready for God’s move

This was an article published in Charisma magazine. Here is the original link https://www.charismanews.com/opinion/86111-corey-russell-defines-revival-how-to-be-ready-for-god-s-move I have heard more about revival in the past year than I have in my entire lifetime. There is a holy buzz around that word, and for me personally, God has put an expectation in me to want to see it… Continue reading Corey Russell defines revival and how to be ready for God’s move

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God may give you the victory, but you still have to go through the battle

God may give you the victory, but you still have to go through the battle

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Running the Race

The Bible says Christians are running a race, but how do we treat others who might not be as far along in their journey? How do we mix love and truth in how we communicate the Gospel?


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Why is it so hard to stay the course sometimes? Why do I hear from other people that I am not doing the right thing even when I know God instructed me? We will look at a lesser known example in the Bible about what happens when we listen to the wrong voices in our lives.

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Guest- Cortland Jones- Alive with Hope

My guest this week shares an awesome example of the story of the road to Emmaus and how it parallels what we face today


Launch Day- Everyday Discernment Podcast

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New Bible plan: Hurt by Christians

New Bible plan available in the YouVersion Bible app: just search in plans for “Hurt by Christians.” Or go to the website http://bible.us/r/5Pc Description: More than likely you have seen or experienced conflict among Christians, even to the point of people leaving the church. It's not pleasant to be confronted by Christians who don't act… Continue reading New Bible plan: Hurt by Christians

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Guest- Craig Pearson- Learning from the Past

My guest today, and brother-in-law, gives us a great perspective from the Bible and his personal life of how important it is to learn from your mistakes (sins) and not repeat them.

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Guest- James Spencer- How Not to Become Delusional

My guest this week, James Spencer, tells us about the importance of letting the Bible and the Holy Spirit speak to us instead of us projecting what we think it is trying to say.

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Guest- Jonathan Olsen- Battle Ready

What does it mean to be a Battle Ready Christian? My guest, Jonathan, dives into some examples of how we can be on guard in our Christian walk

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Faithful Servant

Do you feel stuck in a season when God has promised you more? Why is it important to be faithful to where we are called and wait on God's timing? We will take a look at the example of King David.

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Guest- Nathan McBride- Sacrificial Love

My guest, Nathan McBride, shares with us a word about how we as Christians can love our neighbor during this unprecedented time of isolation and quarantine