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Season 2: Episode 13- David AR White discusses his new movie God's Not Dead: We The People Everyday Discernment

What is the role of the Christian in the balance of religious freedom and submitting to government authority?  How can Christians have discernment about what they and their children watch in entertainment media?  How can we keep our eyes on Jesus every day in a world of distractions?My guest this week is David AR White.  David is an actor, screenwriter, producer, author, and businessman.  He is a co-founder of PureFlix Entertainment.  He starred in movies such as the God’s Not Dead and Revelation Road series, and more recently Beckman and Finding Love in Quarantine. His newest movie, God’s Not Dead: We the People comes out on October 4th. For more information on David AR White:Go to the website for God's Not Dead https://godsnotdead.com/Watch the trailer now: For more information on the ministry of Discerning Dad:Get all my links in one easy spot! https://linktr.ee/discerning_dadGet my FREE 14 day discernment devotional, Eyes on Jesus, by going to eyesonjesusdevotional.comYou can purchase my book this podcast is based on, Everyday Discernment: The Importance of Spirit-led decision making, on Amazon https://amzn.to/3dDGKVwDownload the new Charisma Plus app with my specific link.  Every free download for you gets me $1 with this link https://play.charismaplusapp.com/subscribe?code=TimFBecome a patron supporter and get exclusive benefits such as my second podcast and much more https://www.patreon.com/Discerningdad
  1. Season 2: Episode 13- David AR White discusses his new movie God's Not Dead: We The People
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  3. Season 2: Episode 11- Ron Hutchcraft on how to have hope when your heart is breaking
  4. Season 2: Episode 10- Gary Chapman on Life Lessons and Love Languages
  5. Season 2: Episode 9- Michael Jr. explains why it's funny how life works
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