Church Hurt and Accountability

My guest this week on the Eyes on Jesus Podcast is Drew Barker.  He is a husband, father, experienced church leader and former Elevation staff member.He is currently the lead pastor at Revolution Church in North Carolina and host of the Podcast, Hope After Hurt.

The “perfect church” is an enigma that many try to find to only get frustrated when they can’t. Church hurt is very real though and we need to be able to process when other christians and even those in leadership fail us and our expectations. How do we move past church hurt? What is the goal of church? When is it time to leave a church? These and more are discussed in this week’s episode. Have a listen and leave a comment on your thoughts!

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Check out my guest episode on his podcast as we talked about the Hillsong Documentary https://open.spotify.com/episode/0yWDjlocLMgkzrVrJO2sjZ?si=mkrlAT0cTvKpE7DBIhGpUA

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