Igniting the wildfires of revival

Jessi Green is a revivalist, preacher, wife, mom, visionary, and creative. Jessi is the director of Saturate which is a global revival movement that is uniting the Church in reaching those that don’t know Jesus. She resides in Southern California with her husband, Parker, and their three children.  Jessi’s newest book is Wildfires: A Field Guide to Supernatural Revival.

There’s a lot of powerful insight in this episode but one part I want to highlight is when Jessi and her husband Parker started seeing revival across the country during a crazy year of 2020, she said one of their biggest oppositions was the church! Wait, what?

Unfortunately, this critical spirit is alive and well among Christians. Many people build their “ministry” on tearing others down instead of building others up. They are more known for what they are against than what they are for. I believe wholeheartedly that we need discernment against counterfeits (it’s a chapter in my book Everyday Discernment) but I do not believe we need a critical spirit. I did a video on the difference on my YouTube as well https://youtu.be/GtgFRyjVVG4

I also read a great article recently on having a Pharisee spirit aka critical spirt that I want to share with you https://frankviola.org/2018/12/22/pharisee/

I’ve been guilty of having this critical spirit both in the past and in the present if I am not careful. We have to be on guard against the attacks of the enemy but also be prepared to share truth with love for those who might believe differently than we do. Others will be drawn to the love of Christ and not the level of knowledge we have on doctrine or theology even though both of those things are important too.

In this episode we also discuss:

– When revival hit for her and the resistance against it

– Discernment is birthed in God’s presence

– Daily disciplines to set you up for success  

– Why we need revival now

– Revival is designed to wake up the church first

– Personal revivals and praying to be used for God’s purposes

– When action and belief need to come together

– Having a wartime mentality  

– Why discipleship is a key to revival

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