You’re not going to want to miss this podcast relaunch, here’s why…

The Eyes on Jesus podcast is relaunching on 4/19/23!  This time I have a co-host, Drew Barker.  He has been on my podcast before, and I was on his.  After 2 years of interview-based podcast, I decided to change the format around.  Our first episode will be introductions to who we are and what the future of the podcast holds.  Be sure to click below to be ready when it launches on 4/19.  You can subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast apps right now.  

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While you wait you can listen to the podcast episode that Drew was on last year

Click HERE

Show Description:

Drew Barker and Tim Ferrara are both pastors and experienced podcasters, together they are collaborating to help you keep your eyes on Jesus through the busyness of life and the clutter of your schedules.

Each episode will be conversational in nature around topics such as life, leadership, parenting, marriage, and always being more centered around Jesus first. Drew and

Tim share from personal experiences of growth and struggle, not from a position of perfection, but of humility by trying to run their Christian race to win and see others saved.

The Bible gives us a game plan for our life, a road map which we can follow, and the daily disciplines needed to keep our eyes on Jesus.


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