Samuel Deuth on how to know when the Holy Spirit is talking to you

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My guest this week is Samuel Deuth.  Samuel is a husband, father, pastor, author, and consultant with his wife Katie.  They are on the pastoral team at Awaken Church in San Diego.  They travel full time ministering to churches and working to help church leaders develop a strategy for discipleship and growth. 

I really enjoyed his approach to hearing from God in big decisions which is a big part of what I preach on discernment. The 3 sources of discernment that I wrote about in my book, Everyday Discernment, are the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and Godly relationships. Samuel talks about a major decision in his life when he had to rely on the Holy Spirit for direction and confirmation from those who were able to speak into his life.

If you are like me, I’m sure you wish God would just call you on the phone daily or shout with a booming voice from heaven every time we needed to hear from Him. The importance of discernment is hearing that still small voice in the middle of the confusion of this world. When we have a relationship with someone, it is growth over time in the same direction that takes us to a place of understanding. Think of marriage, you know your spouse more with every year, you can anticipate their mood, or their desires more than you did when you first met them. This is because you are doing life with them, you love them, and they are an intimate part of your life.

Paul said that we see through a glass darkly (1 Cor 13:12), there is a fulfillment that will take place when all things are put to right by God. For now, we have the Holy Spirit that we need to listen to. We can have the Holy Spirit but the Holy Spirit may not have all of us, which is to say that we need to submit to the will of God in obedience and not our own wisdom (which is actually foolishness).

We also talk on this episode about the importance in confirmation when making a decision. No one is an island to themselves, so it is wise to seek input from a spouse, preacher, teacher, parents, or friend when making a major decision.

In this episode we also discuss:

  • Revival in the midst of persecution
  • Discerning the times that we are in
  • How to know the Holy Spirit is talking to you
  • Why the Bible needs to be your foundation
  • Confirmation when it comes to discernment
  • Why moving in obedience doesn’t mean it will be easy
  • Practical steps for reading the Bible daily
  • 7 essentials after you follow Jesus
  • The process of promotion
  • Discerning sin in your life

Listen to the conversation below or wherever you listen to podcasts!

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