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Guest blog- Evan Thiele- Complete Surrender

Deuteronomy 26:17 (NIV) You have declared this day that the Lord is your God and that you will walk in obedience to him, that you will keep his decrees, commands and laws—that you will listen to him.

As I look back on the roads that I have traveled, I have found that the times I felt the most fulfilled, were when I completely surrendered to God, listing, and acting in complete obedience to him. During those times, I have also experienced some of my toughest trials. All of which have made me a stronger man, husband, and father.

As I think of my obedience, I think of how I want my children act towards myself and my wife. In turn, that is how The Father wants us to be. I have learned, through my walk, that God has given us free-will to make the mistakes that we have made allowing me to learn and grow to be the father and husband that I am today. We also must allow our children, no matter the age, to make their own mistakes. This is something that has been hard for me to allow happen. Especially with my oldest son, I see him making mistakes and it hurts me. A year or so ago he said what the Lord has been trying to tell me, “Dad I need to make my own mistakes.”

However, when I allow my children to make mistakes, I see the most growth out of them. With this in mind, we must understand that there is really no end to making mistakes; we will always make them as long as we are alive. After we make the mistakes, we have to get back on course and give over complete obedience to God.

1 Kings 8:58 (NIV), “May he turn our hearts to him, to walk in obedience to him and keep the commands, decrees and laws he gave our ancestor.”

When it comes to being completely obedient and surrendering to God, there can be no moments of picking and choosing. There is no room to try and balance on the fence to be on both sides. It is an all-or-nothing choice. This again is very difficult to do, especially when it comes to our work. There have been many times in my life when God has told me to leave one job and go to another, or even to stay at a job but then I do the complete opposite. In those times when I don’t listen, I am miserable, nothing seems to go right, and each day is a true struggle. Now on the other hand, when I have listened to The Father and have completely surrendered to him it is still tough, but is rewarding and I feel fulfilled. During these times there have been many that have looked at me and said, “Why are you doing this? What about insurance, what about money, how will you make it? Think of your family.” To those people, I have said, and will continue to say, “I am not doing this for me. This is what God has told me to do so I must do as He says.” There has never, and I mean never, been a time that God has not provided for my family. We have always been taken care of and given exactly what we need.

There is no better place to be than in God’s will for your life and in the calling He has placed on it. You will only find this by listening to His voice and being obedient to His direction. It’s not a guaranteed easy road, but the rewards are worth it, and He will never leave your side during the process!

My prayer for you: Father God, I pray for those that have not yet given their life fully to you, Lord. I pray that you open their hearts and ears to you, Oh Lord, so that they can give themselves fully to you, Lord. And for those that have given their lives to you, Oh Lord, I pray for protection over them, and for the strength to continue to serve you. You are an amazing God and I am blessed to be able to serve you. In Your Son’s name, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Evan Thiele
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