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Guest Blog- Shawn Capozzi- Show Up!

Psalm 46:1- God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in time of trouble

I had incredible reminders recently that God is in everything. It was fantastic.
I had an expectation, or a gigantic desire, for God to show up.
He did like He always does, and honestly, that’s one of the main reasons he’s a great Dad!
Think about it…

I don’t know why I must have him always prove Himself to me. I know that would surely make me mad if I had to prove myself so much, over and over again.
But God…

But God, He just keeps proving himself. He knows I need it. Unfortunately at times, I need it many times a day.

The world, the church, humanity in general, would be better if real fathers just started showing up when they’re supposed to.
Showing up is a necessary start to any journey. Every journey needs and will always have a starting point, and this my fellow males and fathers, should be our starting point.
Fathers COMMITTED to CONSISTENTLY “show up “
in their kids lives.

Fathers who are present spiritually, emotionally and physically as needed.
You and I being where we are supposed to be, with our whole beings. This requires cell phones down, stop watch mindsets checked at the door! Calendars and computers no longer driving us, ESPECIALLY when it’s our kids expectation for us to SHOW UP .
Make T-ball games a bigger priority, make plans and keep them for daddy- daughter time. Dad showing up when our children’s Mommy needs us.

Showing up is the first step in making our children a powerful and confident force for God in the world.

I guarantee your showing up is important to them, so ….
your showing up should be important to you.

SHOW UP in their room when they want to show you a drawing, or 50.
SHOW UP at dinner when they’re all waiting for you.

SHOW UP when they are happy SHOW UP when they are sad.
These are some of the first steps that will make you an excellent dad!

Prioritize your life in a way that makes you BE IN ATTENDANCE in theirs!
Time keeps moving forward, so let’s stand shoulder to shoulder and join the Dadhood revolution!

Step one to making earthly and eternal change in our family’s lives is us as fathers consistently showing up!

Discerning Reflection: How can I show up in my kid’s lives more than I am now? What ways have they expressed that they want more of me? How can I use God’s example as our Heavenly Father to express love and compassion to my children?

Prayer: God, give me strength as I learn to grow as a godly parent. Help my kids see you in my life, my actions, and my words. Help my kids know that even when I discipline them, that I love them and always will. Amen.

Shawn Capozzi
Guest Discerning Dad


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