Eyes on Jesus is available NOW!

You can now purchase my new book, Eyes on Jesus: A 90-day Discernment Devotional. Click the link below to purchase. You can also purchase with online retailers like Target, Walmart and Barnes & Noble.


Season 2 of my podcast, Everyday Discernment, has been focused on asking my guests what they do practically everyday to keep their eyes on Jesus.

Here is also a list of what other Christian leaders are saying about the new devotional

“Don’t miss this 90-day journey with Tim Ferrara! Simple and practical, yet profound and deeply moving. If there was ever a time that we needed God-given discernment, it is right now. This is the book you read if you want God to do fresh things in your life!”

Daniel Fusco – Pastor, Author, TV & radio host

“Tim Ferrara’s new book, “Eyes on Jesus” brings into clear focus what a personal walk with Jesus is all about.  Tim invites you into a 90-day journey of intimate conversations with our Savior.  It’s an expedition that will open your eyes and melt your heart.  Join me!”

Dr. Wayne Cordeiro- Pastor New Hope Church & College, Eugene, Oregon

Tim’s latest devotional is a must-have for your personal quiet time with God! It has a game changer for me. This world seeks to distract us from what really matters, and we need a gameplan on how we will focus on Jesus every single day.  This is the second book of Tim’s that I have had the honor of endorsing and his focus on discernment will help you make better decisions every day that honors God and leads to a path of blessing in your life. Grab a copy for you and your friends! 

Rashawn Copeland, Founder if I’m So Blessed Daily, Author of No Turning Back 

“Tim Ferrara, known for his spiritual influence through his podcast, writing, and social media has just released a jewel of a book. I am a spiritual growth junkie and this devotional, Eyes on Jesus, is going to help fasten your attention onto Jesus in a renewed way. Tim does the heavy lifting of teaching and helping you apply the Bible to your life in bite sized daily chunks that are easy to go through. His fresh teaching perspective and solid theological framework are interwoven with his creativity, and you are going to want to use this book for your relationship with God right away! In a time where Christianity is being challenged and the world is being shaken, this book will help ground you in the unshakable relationship to Jesus that is one of the most precious things we have!”

Shawn Bolz, TV Host, Podcaster, Author, Minister, http://www.bolzministries.com

“There is great wisdom, insight and revelation in this 90-day devotional that is imperative for the Christian life. In these turbulent times we are living in, we must remain grounded in the Word of God with our eyes fastened upon Jesus…and this devotion will help bring you there. My friend Tim Ferrara is godly, sincere and passionate and I highly recommend this book to aid you on your spiritual walk with the Lord.” 

Michael Lombardo, Minister, Author of “Immersed in His Glory” and Host of Awaken Podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network. 

“As a firefighter, I’ve been in some dark places and at times, it’s easy to get lost in that darkness both professionally and spiritually. What I love about Tim’s writing and this amazing devotional is that he doesn’t just give us some inspiration and move on, he shows us how to stay focused on the One who can rescue us from anything- Christ Jesus!”

Jason Sautel, Author of “The Rescuer: One Firefighter’s Story Of Courage, Darkness, And The Relentless Love That Saved Him”

“If you’re looking to get closer to your faith, this is a must-read devotional. This book offers compelling content that will keep you focused on what matters most: Christ and his everlasting love. Tim did an incredible job — and his stunning work will help you keep your eyes on Jesus.”

Billy Hallowell, Journalist and Author

Tim’s new devotional book at once reminded me of the chorus we sang in church when I was a young Christian.  “Turn your eyes upon Jesus; Look full in his wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim…”

It seems we all struggle to keep our eyes on Him. Shiny objects are worthy opponents in our intent to focus on Jesus. I notice this often during early morning prayer time. My eyes drift away from His face even in prayer.

The devotions in Eyes on Jesus will help you to strengthen your discernment muscle. The daily bread offered in this book reminds us of the importance of actively working to discern good and evil/spirit and flesh. I will keep this book within reach even after I finish the 90-day devotional journey. Discernment helps us keep our eyes set upon Him.

Dr. Steve Greene, Charisma Media

Renowned author and Executive Pastor Tim Ferrara has once again knocked it out of the holy park of discernment. With this new 90-day devotional, Tim has put practical application to his wisdom on discernment. By applying the various aspects of what it is to have wisdom in today’s modern culture and attaching scripture to each of the day’s thoughts, the devotional leads the reader to memorize scripture and have it on hand for practical life applications.

Nathan Bentley, Senior Pastor LifePoint Church, San Tan Valley, Arizona


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