In our lives, we have struggles. We have innumerable moments of tribulation and anxiety. Moments of weakness and anxiety and through all of that, we have an innate nature to try and discern the cause of these moments. We try and discern what influences are taking hold in our life that are causing these situations to become such potent sources of anxiety, fear, tribulation, weakness, or failure. In Christianity, we are often compelled to believe that we have the influence of a demon(s) or some negative source acting on our minds to make our struggles seem more detrimental than they actually are. In modern Christianity, the religion has succumb to the belief that it is viewed as ridiculous to state that the devil is working to steal, kill, or destroy our inheritance with the Lord. Instead, we generalize the entire realm of anti-Christian influences into our lives as the “enemy”, therefore blanketing every possible cause of struggle and unhappiness into the category of an enemy.

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