Discerning Moment- Judges 2:10

Judges 2:10- After that whole generation had been gathered to their ancestors, another generation grew up who knew neither the Lord nor what He had done for Israel.

I frequently read past the verses in the Old Testament about Israel’s rebellion but this verse caused me to stop in my tracks. Here we have a whole generation that died, a new generation took its place. This new generation did not KNOW about Yeshua, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They did not KNOW what He had done for Israel. Now, there was no Bible in those days that you could access on your smart phone or go to the store and buy. Everything was passed down orally from the family or the patriarch. I often read verses like this and think “oh a few years have passed, now moving on…” If you think about this verse, it is talking about YEARS and DECADES. The people of God completely forgot about him, but why?

The answer is a complete lack of parenting, the previous generation did not take God seriously, they did not believe in Him enough to pass down to their children the knowledge of God’s power and hand over Israel. Now, if the verse said the new generation KNEW of God but chose not to follow him, we could not as easily blame the parents. The verse says they did not even KNOW about the Lord.

This is an important reminder to us as parents to take our job seriously in training up our children in the knowledge of God by not only our words but also our actions. We see from this verse that a lack of parenting can not only influence a family, but an entire generation and culture. We are seeing this degrading in our current culture. Our job should not be taken lightly, we cannot influence a culture without starting with our own home. If our children are told about Jesus and shown how their parents take Him seriously in every aspect of their lives, then it is on the children to carry the baton as we continue to pray for them every day that they finish the race well.

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